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Color for Spring 2012 Men at Fashion Rio

Color for Spring 2012 Men at Fashion Rio

Spring 2012 menswear looks from Limits, Velt, 2nd Floor(l to r) at Fashion Rio

Many of the female fashion mavens currently have their eyes on the resort/cruise 2012 collections that are making their debuts.  As Erdem, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Tibi all graze their palettes, it may be time for the guys to turn their eyes towards Rio de Janeiro to see what designers are cooking up for our Spring 2012 wares.

One of the labels  showed was Soddi.  Last appearing on our blog for his collection at Rio Moda Hype, designer Solon Silveira is already in our good graces.  His label is one of a certain distinct and yet masculine elegance and his wares for Spring 2012 were no different.  Tanks, breezy jackets, and shorts came in soft pastel colors, all topped with a relaxed turban like caps.  Shod in Toms, the models certainly looked cool in the cotton heavy line.

While it did seem a tad out of place the yellow Oriental inspired top definitely was an interesting piece. Though not everyone can rock that particular piece with it’s cut outs, a simple peach top, yellow belt, and turquoise chinos translates well onto a variety of people.

See more of the Soddi collection.

Another label presenting their collection was R. Groove.  While I’m not familiar with the brand, there is never anything innately wrong with finding new designers.

The first thing that struck me from the presentation was the slightly dark tint to all of the models.  I later found out that they had all been painted orange.  The next thing that struck me were the pieces.

To say that there didn’t seem to be some sort of menage of some of the more popular labels would be to lie.  The pieces, which held the same soft pastel/tropical color story as the Soddi collectioin, made me think back to Prada, Dior Homme, and even Raf Simmons.  Even with that though, the collection was still a strong one.

See more of the R. Groove collection.

Saying what I’m about to say about the Totem Spring 2012 collection could possibly get me hurt.  Hurt in one of the “oh you’re a mean writer” ways, no but hurt in the “I’m a stan of this label and no one can do anything like them ever” way: yes! Confused, let me explain.

When I first saw this collection I was convinced that this was Rio’s male version of Proenza Schouler. Yeah I said it, Proenza Schouler of the industry darlings Jack and Lazaro.  Maybe it was the print paired with a color blocked piece, or even the little rope accessory thing.. or maybe I just went temporarily insane but for some reason I couldn’t get the concept out of my head.

Other than that though, the collection was done in richer tones than some of the others presented.  In addition to this, there were a selection of what seemed like gradient scarves that seemed like after thoughts and served as a distraction.

See more of the Totem collection.

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