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Christopher Shannon Fall 2011 at London Fashion Week

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Christopher Shannon Fall 2011 at London Fashion Week

Urban constructed with Air Force leanings and a feminine flourish. That was what came to mind as I viewed the Christopher Shannon Fall 2011 collection presented during Menswear Day at London Fashion Week.  What sounds “different” when explained actually turned out to be exactly that.

Said, by Shannon himself, to be influenced by “Rihanna, Pieter Hugo and cuddle fleece,” the collection is mostly dark with very brightly dyed eyebrows for the models.  Prints, while kept to a minimum, included white outlines of moons on a black backdrop.

The collection, no doubt contains some eccentric pieces, but those pieces don’t negate, some of the more subtle and absolute.

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  1. No comlapints on this end, simply a good piece.

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