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VOTE FOR US in The Mobbies


Because of your love we’ve been nominated for The Mobbies – Marylands Outstanding Blog.

The Mobbie Awards celebrates Maryland’s Most Outstanding Blogs–and don’t need to actually reside in Maryland to vote.

The voting period started today and ends Nov 12th at 5pm. Winner, prizes, and partying commence on Nov 16th at Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant.
You know you love us, you know we love you, so you should let Maryland love us TOO!


  1. To be eligible, a voter MUST be a registered user of (you can sign in via your twitter or facebook page.)
  2. Vote for your favorites daily. Registered users get one vote per category per 24-hour period. You can also vote once each day for the best overall blog.
  3. Rankings are updated daily. The nominee who receives the highest number of votes in each category at the end of the voting period wins.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Iconography Magazine is listed under the categories Best Twitter Feed (business) and Best Facebook Fan Page.

VOTE FOR US NOW and we’ll promise you more amazing  love, life, fashion, and beauty.

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