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Katherine Middleton Dons Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and I’m So Not Impressed!


As Katherine Middleton arrived at her royal wedding to Prince William of Wales at Westminster Abbey, donning a flowing gown made by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, I held my breath in anticipation. . . And the first thought that came to mind was. . . who would’ve known that becoming a royal could look so boring.

Sure, Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales has to follow “the ten royal rules” or off with her head! I get that. “She must not be addressed as Kate,” and “she cannot engage in “vicious” games such as Monopoly, or savage some lobster or shrimp, for fear of getting poisoned, among many other ”prim and proper” rules. While I get all of that, did that mean that her wedding dress had to bore us to death?

Believe me, I wanted to like the dress, I wanted to be in love with the dress. . . but I was not. While I acknowledge that Katherine’s dress probably wouldn’t steer too far away from tradition, (as marrying a royal doesn’t allow for too much unconventionalism,) I was still expecting a lot more. Class and conventionalism to an extent, but I was expecting Katherine to modernize it up a bit, and shake things up. Is that so wrong?

While the dress had beautiful, ornate craftsmanship, made from fine ivory and white satin gazar, adorned with hand-cut English lace, flowers, and French Chantilly, it just didn’t “wow me.”  The nine-foot train  gave the gown a slight “wow” factor, but all in all, it was too simplictic  for me. It reminded me of a wedding dress my dear Aunt Belinda wore when she finally decided to get hitched. It worked out for her because by then she was old and shriveled up in her mid 60′s, and the dress passed for “exciting.” [Guess Aunt B. said 'Better late than never.']

But in Katherine’s case, a young, attractive woman not yet in her thirties, I expected her to keep it classy, yet modern. I was expecting for her to show the royals how it’s done, and step to Prince William in a classic, yet showstopping dress!

Congrats to the happy couple!

What say you, readers? Is Katherine’s dress all that and then some, or just a recycled-looking wedding gown that you’ve seen time and time again? You decide!

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