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Marco Berardini Defines Beauty

Marco Berardini Defines Beauty
Ever wonder how professionals in the beauty industry perceive beauty?  When we had the opportunity to ask Marco Berardini just that, we eagerly had to know! Check out our exclusive interview with Marco Berardini, world-class hairstylist, groomer and makeup artist for A-list celebrities!
  • How do you define beauty? Is it the same for men, as it is for women? 

Beauty is about confidence and knowing one’s self. I believe this is the same for both men and women.


  • How would you describe your male clients? What beauty products do they live by? 

My male clients range from high maintenance to the outdoorsy types. Most can’t live without a good shaving cream. There’s nothing like a bad shave to ruin your day. Using an exfoliator, like Wash & Buff by EVOLUTIONMAN, before shaving guarantees clear skin, smaller pores, and aids in getting the perfect shave.

  • Why should every man have EVOLUTIONMAN?

EVOLUTIONMAN is a simple system that can easily be integrated into anyone’s lifestyle. With just two or three steps, you can visibly see an improvement in skin.

  • How can you advise a “manly” man to wear nail paint? 

Nail paints are not for everyone, but EVOLUTIONMAN’s answer to nail care for the ultra “manly” man is Pure MattePure Matte is a clear topcoat undetectable to the eye, and is the perfect solution for someone who wants to protect their nails from environmental stresses or needing help to cease nail biting.

  • Can you give us your best beauty tip, one for men, one for women? 

Often forgotten on men is the most delicate area on the face, and the first to show signs of aging – the under eye. Using eye cream is key to keeping your eye area looking young, fresh, and can be the cure for a morning hangover. A lightweight eye cream like Revitalize Eye Gel is easy to apply.

For women, tinted moisturizers have replaced heavy foundations. These new, lighter foundations corrects imperfections but allows your natural skin to show through for a more modern finish to the skin.

  • When working with a client, what are your first thoughts? How do you decide your first “to do” or do you have a routine? 

After moisturizing the face with Moisture Protect Bronze, I apply concealer to the face to get my “canvas” ready. Deciding on the look is a meeting of two minds; I consult with the client to understand their likes and dislikes, and create my own interpretation of what they think is beautiful.

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