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Interview with Designer Amy Smilovic from TIBI

Interview with Designer Amy Smilovic from TIBI

“Spring is about beauty and classics with a thoroughly modern twist and styles that are simple with ease.” First, let’s start at the bottom.  Flat shoes! Oxford like, leather and on the high side, leather loafer wedges. LOVE!

Continuing on, it’s hard not to want just about everything on the TIBI runway because everything is just so darn wearable. Amy Smilovic gets modern women, with flattering tailoring and details that make each item interesting enough to be pretty, but never distract from the woman under the dress. In this collection, she uses plenty of texture, laser cut-outs; appliqués and flowing chiffons.

On the runway were swingy shorts and circle-skirts hitting at just the right length. Many had pleats, seaming, or an interesting cut. Check out our interview with designer Amy Smilovic and see if you are her ideal TIBI woman.

Our amazing photographer Bo Zhang got the opportunity to chat with TIBI’s designer Amy Smilovic. She dished on the meaning of her brand TIBI, who the TIBI woman is, what gets her through the craziness of fashion week, and of course her vision for this collection. 

What is the meaning behind the name TIBI?

“It’s kinda lame; it started with a friend and it’s her grandmother’s name.  We just love it and it stuck. Wah Lah!

Terrific! Really catchy.

It is!  People really love it; they get drawn to it right away. It kind of worked out perfectly.

What is the inspiration for the collection?

You know it’s really about American sports wear.  And a lot of separates and working with them that have a very rich and casual, put together look. I think that’s what I was really interested in portraying.

Finding an in between, which I think is what contemporary clothing is all about in the young designer category I’m in.

Fantastic. And who is your ideal TIBI woman?

A woman who is between 25 and 45 and active and she makes her own money and decisions and is confident and she loves her clothing.

With the economy in mind, did this have any effect on designing your line?

I think what it did was make it more creative, with cut backs here and there what can I do to still make it amazing but do it in a different way . It’s made it more creative and provided a certain level of functionality to the clothing, ya know an idea to do something from top to bottom, with matching skirts, and purses, pieces that works with a top or a bottom; three outfits in one.  It’s a great way to build style.

What gets you through fashion week?

Family and a great great team involved.

What’s behind the hairstyles and what is the makeup…can you give us a sneak preview before the show?

It’s very sleek and neat, I wanted it put together but not aggressive, not too modern.  I think this way the girls of the season will be not lady like, not an uptight girl; she’s got her stuff together, she knows where she’s going.

(interview by photographer Bo Zhang + edited by Assunta Catalano)

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