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Givenchy Menswear Spring 2012

Givenchy Menswear Spring 2012 It all depends on how patient is sensitive to the herpes virus. Herpetic stomatitis treatment therapy.

Riccardo Tisci continues to chisel at the modern concept of masculinity.

The skirt, or kilt as some call it, is no new proposition for Givenchy, neither are leggings to be quite honest.  To be quite critical, there are few things that are new in this collection besides accessories, and the new high driff cut on some of the tops.  While some found this to be a cause for concern, the collection came off to me as focused and particulary well directed.

When you’re offering a man-skirt as a part of a trend, then it appears for one seaosn in a very trendy way.  The variations on it are very limited.  But when you are presenting the man-skirt as something that men can really wear for the long term, you must produce multiple options, to fit in with an entire wardrobe, much like Rick Owens and Riccardo Tisci have begun to do. Instead of the black and feline prints that the piece was presented in before, Tisci introduces an olive green, as well as a birds of paradise print.  While some cry it lacks innovation, as of now, since a man-skirt is not the norm, Tisci is seemingly attempting to drill it into our skulls thati is.


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