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INTERVIEW: Lash Out with


Eyelash extensions are all the rage on the beauty market! No doubt you have heard a thing or two about them already. I decided to get the skinny on the whole process while I was in New York for MB Fashion Week (perfect time for a make-over on my barely-there stubs).

I arranged an appointment with my lash expert, Cheri, after attending my shows for the day, accounting for the 120 or so minutes it would take to assemble each little bugger before meeting a friend at Mari Venna for dinner. Cheri took one look at the shape and length of my short lashes and said, “Oh, you are going to love this”. We decided a size 10 lash would be a good way to ease me into a longer lash (as opposed to the spider-leg-long-17 size lashes).

I laid down and shut my eyes for the long haul while my lash stylist giddily combed my lashes, assembling the synthetics while I fired away with all my questions. No doubt some of you are wondering about the process as well, so I have put together a concise — and truthful– question and answer portion here for you:
Q: How many fake lashes do you use?
A: Anywhere from 60-120, I try to get every lash I can.

Q. What is used to assemble the fake lashes to your real lashes?
A. The lashes are attached to your eyelashes near the root with the same adhesive used in the medical field to stitch up small cuts and what not — totally safe and comfortable for your eyes.

Q: Is there a certain brand of lashes recommended?
A. Cheri only uses Xtreme Lashes. They are one of the few companies that requires professional training and specialized certifications of all lash experts who use their products.

Q: Why are eyelash extensions better than fake lashes that you can buy at the store?
A: The Xtreme lashes last longer (up to 3-5 weeks) and create a fuller, more natural look than fake disposable lashes. They are also safer for your eyelashes — fake eyelashes can pull out your real lashes when you remove them.

Q: Can I still wear makeup with the lash extensions?
A: After getting the lash extensions, you won’t want to wear eye-makeup for the first 24-48 hours. After that, it is completely safe for you to wear shadow, primer, liner, etc. With your new lashes, you won’t need mascara, however Cheri says some of her clients still like to wear it, so she would recommend the Xtreme Lash Mascara, specially made so it is safe for your synthetic lashes.

Q: Let’s talk turkey. How much does it cost?
A: A full set runs around $350 big ones…. but but, that includes one refill, and additional refills are only $60-$80, which let’s be honest is getting close to the price of your mascara. All in all, if you have tiny stubby eyelashes, it’s a totally justifiable beauty expense.

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