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INTERVIEW: accessories designer Coco and Breezy

INTERVIEW: accessories designer Coco and Breezy

Coco and Breezy is a label run by 20 year old twins from Minnesota. Begun 3 seasons ago with a collection entitled “Gemela Amour” the girls are inextricably linked to the fashion and entertainment industries.

The twins first came to national prominence when Ashanti wore a pair of their shades to BET’s Hip Hop Honors. Since then the shades have graced the faces of Dawn Richards, Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Williams, and Ciara. Those names are from the Gemela Amour collection alone.

For their second collection, entitled 20/20, the twins took the studs and chains they were known for and bulled them into the year 2010. Adding accessories to their resume, the girls designed a collection that clearly showed how quickly they’d matured in the industry. Pieces were featured on music artists Trina and Tyga, loads of music videos, and a bevy of editorials.

With their latest collection the funky/edgy twins have only continued to blossom.  The Wear-able Art collection was launched, with a large selection of neon accessories that have been featured on everyone from Selita Ebanks to Beyonce. The collection was launched alongside the C&&B 4 Kids collection which possess the same bright color palette as the Wear-able Art pieces.

Before you guys got into designing you were dancers right?

Yes, We have actually always been into Fashion. But dancing with different music art and groups was our first career. It was cool because we were always the once who would style the dancers and get the creative direction for the shows.


Does music play a large role in your design process?

Yes music does play a huge role in our Design process and everything creatively. Listening to music and the different genre’s that we do listen to helps our mind expand. We get very inspired with the sounds more then the words. Listening to music while designing puts us in the certain vibe that gives us a lot of inspiration. We will listen to Beethoven one full day, then listen to some crazy dub step!


You guys have worked with a lot of up and coming artists right? Can you name some of them?

We have worked with a lot of up and coming artist J

Some to name are Theophilus London, Miguel, Unique Zayas, and LaRon; Wish those were a few up and coming artists that we have worked with. Some of the Major Artist that wears our product is Beyonce, Ashanti, Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj, and Ect.


What was it like seeing your bracelet in the Beyonce Move Your Body video?

Seeing Beyonce Wearing our bracelet in her video, made us happy.  The important reason why it was great was because, it was actually something written in our Goals list, Was to have Beyonce be the 1st person to introduce our new accessories “WEAR-ABLE ART”.  So what made us so happy was the point that we accomplished a goal, which means its time to move on to the next!


There’s been a lot of fashion in music lately, do you think there’s any particular cause to this?

We feel like Fashion and Music Mix. There wouldn’t be one with out the other. It’s almost impossible. Once you think about the music artist are ICONS and have to look good. So they wear the designer’s pieces. Then the designers are behind the scenes, but when they have their fashion show, or fashion videos we need our guest to get into the mood and feeling of the show, so we use Music!

Check out more of Coco and Breezy here.

(interview by guest writer, Mikelle Street)

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