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Gwen Beloti Debuts “Concerted Versatility”


There are few emerging designers who can set the pace of fashion. When it comes to creating fabulous pieces for the everyday woman, I must admit that Gwen Beloti gets it. I love the fact that G.B. caters to making real clothes for real women with real bodies.

Gwen Beloti debuted her latest Fall 2011 collection, “Concerted Versatility,”  for an elite group of fashionistas during New York Fashion Week, and although I was unable to attend, I was one of the first to receive an exclusive sneak peak inside the luscious collection! 

My first take on “Concerted Versatility,” was that it was rich, sexy, subtle, yet fun, with lots of modest femininity!  Very simplistic, and wearable– perfect for work, a night out on the town, and even a red carpet event!  

When I asked the New York based designer what her take on her latest collection was, I found that our perceptions were quite similar: “‘This collection does have an element of simplicity and wearability, but with a little pizazz! My goal was to achieve just that, real, good quality pieces with an obvious hint of innovation, and fit of course is always on my to do list. ”

Did Gwen Beloti achieve just that? From our fashion focal stand point, we’d have to say YES! Pop the hood below for some of my fave pieces from the collection:

– Eboyne’ Jackson

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