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Glenn O’Brien Tells You How to be a Man- GQ event recap

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Glenn O’Brien Tells You How to be a Man- GQ event recap

Glenn O’Brien is the definitive Style Guy for GQ magazine and Neyla restaurant in Georgetown hosted some of DC’s finest tastemakers as attendees had an opportunity to preview his new book How to Be a Man: A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman.  This satirical book offers insight into everything from how to effectively entertain, to answering the Shakespearean question – To be or not to be (in fashion). How to Be a Man is a must for any man who fashions himself to be a lover of all things stylish and socially in the know;  offering advice like “don’t just lie there. Get up and evolve!”- Sound advice indeed.  

The crowd at Neyla  was replete with men who were seemingly seeking the GQ nod of approval as each man out did the next donning everything from Seersucker suits ( from his grandfather’s closet) to the very on trend fedora, there was no shortage of style, conversation and of course politics!


(Written by guest blogger – Lisa Brown-Hall from

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  1. What a great party. I work for The Georgetowner, not Georgetown Magazine.

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