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Creating Beautiful Face


As the summer comes to an end we’re putting away the bronzers and hot pink lip sticks, to resurrect the high gloss foundations and smolder black eyeliner. In this transition we often times forget the simple things like skin care. Our make up is just what makes our skin appear flawless, but unhealthy skin causes a major back up and over load. Take the time to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. Treat yourself to a facial every now. I promise you, my faithful Glamazons, your everyday makeup efforts will then be appreciated by your skin.

Here are a few tricks for everyday skin care:

1. Dryness: If you feel like your skin is very tight, and you have not had a botox session, your skin is more than likely dehydrated. Always overload your diet with water. Stay away from gel based cleansers (the dry down to a Matte Finish), and get cream based cleaners which is very hydrating.

2. Oiliness: Most people who have oily skin HATE IT! Having oily skin is a fast track to blackheads and breakouts! Gel based cleanser are best for you. It drys out the sebum in the skin and gives it that matte look. There are also moisturizers for oily skin that keep the matte look but intensifies the dewy look

3. Combo: Having different skin types can sometimes be used to your advantage. Having an oily t-zone and dry outer zone can make the skin look sculpted and highlighted. Using products that  have a foam consistency are best for combo skin!

Remember Beautiful Skin is the Canvas to Beautiful Makeup!

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