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WTB Fall 2011

WTB Fall 2011

Bon Jovi’s Ritchie Sambora and musician/designer, Nikki Lund, turned up the heat during New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 with an electrifying debut of their sultry collection, “White Trash Beautiful.” With Sambora’s gig as the lead guitarist for Bon Jovie, along with Lund, as a fashion design guru and musician, the two debuted a hard core, edgy collection fit for a rock star for their first showing during New York Fashion Week. Models pounced the runway to Ritchie and Nikki’s joint collabo, “White Trash Beautiful,” decked out in distressed grey leather with lots of spunk.

My faves were the Asymmetrical leather dress with the keyhole, along with the ornate ruffled flowered jacket, accompanied with a black leather mini, and thigh-high boots. . . The entire collection was rebel chick at its hautest, and was full of “ooh and ahh” moments. . . from the swanky metallic dresses with edge, to the sexy fitted blazers, and leather pants, this collection reminded me of whips and chains turned moderately couture.

Post show, I had the opportunity to mingle with Ritchie Sambora and Nikki Lund, whom I found to be delightfully chill. The highlight of the interview was understanding the inspiration behind WTB, and seeing Ritchie and Nikki remove the velvet rope to embrace two of their biggest fans!

Eboyne: I loved the collection. I ate it up, Ritchie! (Laughs) Tell me, what was the inspiration behind WTB?

Ritchie: Well you know, it all started with a song that John and I had written called, “White Trash Beautiful.” The song just seemed   like a coat that didn’t fit you know? (Laughs) Being a man of a certain age, it just didn’t feel appropriate, it didn’t feel cool. So about a month later, I was walking around the house, listening to the song, and I came up with this whacky idea to start a women’s clothing line. (Laughs) And I mentioned it to a friend of mine, who happens to be also be my agent, and he introduced me to Nikki. We both had the same vision of what this should be like. And if you noticed from the show today, there was a lot of cohesion. Everything was very defined, and it happens very organically between her and I. And then. . .we also do music together, which is pretty unbelievable.

Eboyne: I must say, the collection was very cohesive and very passionate. I really enjoyed it.

Ritchie: We all gotta have a little passion, and if that transcends into fashion, then you know its WTB! (Laughs)

Nikki: I am glad you felt it, and I hope it made you proud to be a woman! (Laughs) WTB is all about power, and we wanted our collection to exude a woman’s femininity, and tap into her power.

–Eboyne’ Jackson


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