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Please Dress Responsibly: How to dress for your body shape.

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Please Dress Responsibly: How to dress for your body shape.

Fashion is not just about dressing to impress, its dressing smart and having savvy to know which designers and garments best accentuate your body type. Women are often faced with the decision to trim the extra weight off their prim figures, but sufficing to these measures doesn’t mean it’s worth doing so. For women, knowing these four categorical shapes that define your silhouettes are key to developing a mere, fashionable figure.

The Hourglass is a definitive shape that most women long to have – curvaceous figure with big bust, small waits and wide hips. Such women should wear fitting clothes, pencil cut skirts and v-neck tops. Shy away from loose-fitted clothing and tops that conceal your shape, it will make you look older and plump. 

The Apple shape is for women who are top heavy but have small hips and thighs. The assets that most women with apple shapes should enhance are their calves, ankles and their cleavage. One mistake that most women make are layering levels of clothing, and wearing pants with buttons to the front-instead try wearing jeans with zippers or buttons to the side to draw attention away from the tummy. Opt for solid colors and A-line dresses. Most women who belong to this category have slimmer legs and can wear knee-length skirts and formal tops. Choose a nice fabric with a nice fall that doesn’t hug the body.

Rectangle shapes are women who have an athletic figure and have an equally distributed weight throughout their body with lesser curves. Recommended designs to enhance this figure, is wearing dresses and patterns, which adds dimensions to the body. Wearing blouses with ruffles and extreme designs helps to break the straight line of the shape. 

Pear shapes are women who are bottom-heavy with plump thighs and petite breasts. Wearing bareback dresses, flowy-skirts with high heel boots helps to hide the busty thighs and draws attention away from areas that are not as flattering. Also, wearing boot-cut pants with longer tops moves the eye toward the upper area of the body.

Petite shapes are women who are short and have small frames. Women in this category need clothes that will fit well, use of vertical lines will elongate the body and embellish the necklines with U or V-shaped tops. It’s recommended that women wear lighter fabrics and avoid wearing short skirts.  Since shot skirts are best used for women with longer legs, try using knee-length skirts.

Whichever shape best describes your figure, take light in knowing the simple add-ons that can highlight your fashion sense and silhouette, whether its accessories or the readjustment with the height of your pants or length of skirts. Details are important and make a significant affect to elongating your figure and drawing attention to the better areas of your figure. In any fashion you only need to balance the proportions by selecting clothes that blend with your personality and figure.

Q: Have you mastered dressing for your body type.. do share in our comment box?

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