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Designer Inspiration: I urge you to google Gauchas de Rio Grande do Sul.
Images of Carlos Miele’s fall 2012 runway show will fill your page. This season the Brazilian born designer digs deep into his roots and brings to light and reinvent’s the brazilian cowboy culture on the runway. The feel of freedom set forth not only by the geometric shapes, the loose and soft materials but also by the runway soundtrack by Djs Anthony and Sean Souza who reinforced the latino oomph of the show with tribal drums set in the background.

Colors, Materials, Shapes: In an array of dark pastels and earth colors that string together the different facades of what the Gauchas culture is about, the designer puts forth a collection that is reminiscent of both a tribal feel as well as that of the wild wild west. The leather waist belts, the boleros, the gold embroidery and the hats cascade within the collection giving it a modern and edgy feel. With an overflow of ponchos and geometric shapes blazed in flocks of soft chiffons and satin’s I think it’s safe to say that Miele has explored and bough to life a certain feel of freedom and of something organic and raw to the runway; something perfectly tailored for a somewhat nostalgic cosmopolitan audience.

What We Loved:┬áIn my opinion the collection has a peak with 3 looks; The black trousers with the Yves Klein blue sheer printed shirt. The look is quintessential in understanding the collection and the culture. It’s the perfect outfit for a day on the town or even for a casual first date. The second look I absolutely love is the blood orange satin short dress with the tribal belt. It would rock any cocktail party out there. And finally the look that culminates the last facade of the collection is the black and yellow printed soiree dress that oozes life, freedom and organic. Ultimately the collection is the most glamorous saddle ranch can be.



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